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The latest technology wide screen of Mars Premium Experience will pull you inside the movie!

Providing an unforgettable movie experience at Cinemaximum movie theaters, Mars Cinema Group introduces a brand new technology to movie fans. The movie lovers who would like to enhance their movie fun are experiencing the movies to the fullest with Mars Premium Experience. Offering maximum comfort and entertainment at each seat, Mars Premium Experience turns movie screening into an unforgettable experience. As one of the latest novelties provided by Mars Cinema Group to movie fans, Mars Premium Experience offers a more realistic and lively image to the audience with an extra large and bright digital projection and 3D audio system.

With the 3D technology, 20 per cent wider screen, digital projection and upgraded audio system, Mars Premium Experience produces images with higher resolution and offers a superior sound quality compared to the standard movie theaters. The guests not only watch a movie at Mars Premium Experience theaters but at the same time, they become a part of this experience.

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