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Turkcell Platinum ScreenX

Beyond the Frame movie experience with ScreenX

World’s first multi-screen technology meets the audience by Turkcell sponsorship at Cinemaximum Kanyon, Cinemaximum Akasya, Cinemaximum Vadistanbul and Cinemaximum Hilltown.

ScreenX delivers a 270-degree immersive experience by using two additional side screens in addition to the cinema’s existing main screen. Depending on the size of the theater, each of the side walls are lit by up to five projectors which display content that wraps around the viewers. Screen X technology owns an award “Leading Project on Virtual Reality” by Science and Technology Ministry of South Korea. After South Korea, China, Thailand and USA, now it is in Turkey by Cinemaximum!

Dive into the movie with ScreenX!

Turkcell Platinum ScreenX Movies