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See a movie or be a part of one! The IMAX Experience combines a hugely powerful digital sound and patented crystal-clear digital projection with a much larger, slightly curved and tilted specially treated IMAX High Definition screen.

This is complimented perfectly by a customised geometric seating plan in the auditorium, designed for the most comfortable position for both eyes and neck, as well as a better viewpoint of the action on screen. So what better place to see the latest blockbuster films, in 2D or 3D? Once you try it, you’ll never go back. Even without the jargon, the viewing of a film in IMAX is bigger, better and bolder than any other format currently available at the cinema. Huge curved screens and better designed seating with sound which can vibrate pulses through you, really do make you feel part of the action: the thrills, the drops, the passions and the emotions of the latest big films.

Seeing a film in IMAX is a premium, immersive and highly enjoyable experience. It’s like cinema but an event rather than just another night out. Ultimately, it is the best way you can imagine cinema to be. You have to see it, to be part of it, to believe it. Try seeing your next blockbuster at one of Cinemaximum’s IMAX screens.

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