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Mars Cinema Group was established in 2001 with the philosophy to create a different and unique movie experience in Turkey by combining technology and comfort with a service approach that is beyond the expectations. Thanks to the services and technological advancements offered, Mars Cinema Group was rewarded with the "International Movie Theater Group of the Year Award" by the largest movie theater union across the globe, UNIC (International Union of Cinemas) in 2013. It is now the largest movie theater chain in Turkey with approximately 750 movie theaters and 85 cinema enterprises in 32 cities.

The company follows the developments in cinema technologies and brings these novelties to Turkish audience before others to offer maximum cinema experience for its guests. With this passion, Mars has become the first cinema chain in Turkey that completed the digital transformation and digitalized all of the imaging and sound systems.

As the owner of all of the IMAX movie theaters in Turkey, Mars Cinema Group brought 4DX technology to Turkish audience in November 2015 and embarked on yet another novelty.

 In addition to cinema management activities, Mars Cinema Group also operates in the cinema advertisement industry with Mars Media and movie distribution industry with Mars Distribution company. 

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